the color grey. – [jev.]

There are few things in this world that can move music like TikTok can and we’ve got another case study to use today as proof to that fact. In comes Ontario, Canada based artist jev., who over the last week or two has absolutely exploded on the platform. A result of a lethal combination of his own videos and those of different music curators, there are numerous reasons why jev.’s music is now getting the attention it deserves – but ultimately we aren’t here for the backstory, we are here for the music. Best described as a modern take on old school hip-hop, jev.’s sound marries the sample-based ethos of classics like Wu-Tang Clan and Nas with new school standouts like Kendrick, J. Cole, and Joey Bada$$. At just 22 years old, jev.’s recent peak at #1 on Spotify’s U.S. Viral chart should come as no surprise because the young hustler has been consistently dropping since 2020 and now is deservingly seeing the fruits of his labor pay off. 

Kicking off his 8-song EP, “the color grey.”, with a bang, jev. put in front of us a record that even Pitchfork would have a positive reaction to. Not only is it the tune that is popping off at the moment, but “where’s the confetti?” is a glorious example of modernizing new iconic sounds of the 90s and early 2000s with a fresh and innovative take. With sampling throughout the project reminiscent of something we’d hear from production icons such as J Dilla, Nottz, and 9th Wonder, records like “black samurai.”, “freedom or fame ?”, and “black benz.” pull on nostalgic sounds to create modern-day classics. Another record that really stands out to me off the project is “and then i got revenge.” with North Carolina rapper, Joshua Raw. While the production style might be slightly different from the rest of the project, the way that jev. attacks the beat in a similar fashion to Baby Keem or Flatbush Zombies tells me a great deal about his versatility and potential for continued growth.