The Book of Joshua – [KCG Josh]

Most people, at least listeners in the world of hip-hop and rap, have heard of Maxo Kream and are more than likely a fan of his work. Aside from Travis Scott and Meg Thee Stallion, he is one of the most prominent voices to come out of Texas in the modern age of music, and it’s clear that he is here to make even more of an impact on the world than music alone. Thanks to this, he has created a movement and brought along other talents that he believes in, and the first person he ever signed was KCG Josh.

Josh is actually Maxo’s brother, and you may have heard him before on the toughing record “Brothers” off of Maxo’s 2019 project Brandon Banks, but I have tapped in with him a few other times since this song surfaced, and I have been a big fan ever since. While I can’t claim to be completely caught up on everything he has put out, the homie sent me some new music and I was pumped to listen. This new release comes in the form of Josh’s debut album The Book of Joshua, a 10-song, 27-minute-long project that showcases why he’s a force to pay attention to as his career continues to unfold.

His diversity is apparent, and although his flows can sound reminiscent of his brother’s, that just made me even more of a fan when considering the fact that Maxo is one of my favorite emcees out right now. Aside from a few awesome duets from the siblings, there were other showstopping features as well, one coming from Monaleo in the form of an attitude-driven, confident verse that was unforgettable.

The other notable feature (aside from Kream D Slim’s unbelievable additions to “Feel Like This”) came from Lil Mexico who murdered every aspect of his contribution, ultimately making this my favorite song on the record overall. KCG Josh has been working for years, and that is steadily paying off as time progresses, so make sure you tap in with one of the most prominent Texas emcees in recent history as you check out his brand-new debut album The Book of Joshua.