I often receive notifications of artists tagging me in their newest songs and projects and more often than not I am completely unimpressed with their work, but Rikki Blu’s new project is one of those beautiful rare exceptions. THE BLACK TAPE was fully produced by Black Metaphor and the chemistry between him and Blu is obvious from the first note. Rikki Blu hails from Dallas originally but his music has taken him all over the country and this is evident in the vast blend of influences that permeate across THE BLACK TAPE. Metaphor’s production is sample-heavy with crisp percussion and this serves Rikki well and lends itself to Blu getting off several barrages of bars.

Blu claims that this was never supposed to be more than a brief EP ahead of a forthcoming project but after creating a great deal of momentum in the studio alongside Black Metaphor he quickly realized that THE BLACK TAPE was much more than a mere extended-play. He effortlessly blends wisdom with tales of street life, as well as pointed and clever politically commentary balanced in as well. My favorite track from the tape was off of the first track “Mizhuo Mama” because of how seamlessly Metaphor’s production intertwines with Rikki’s impassioned delivery.

Stream THE BLACK TAPE at the link below.