That’s Ok! – [Funeral feat. Yurms and Angelus]

Despite the youthful and free-spirited nature that the grand majority of acts within the upcoming next wave of pop music exude on a day to day basis, they have come to deliver tracks upon tracks that do nothing else but solidify a sense of both comfort and confidence while still keeping those former tendencies ever-so-true.

This methodology mostly stems from how effortlessly they come to flaunt their extremely apparent talents, as it truly seems as though they are all in full realization of how incredibly gifted they all are, and instead of hiding that fact even in the slightest, they use it to their advantage to make far more gripping and appealing offerings in the process.

That notion is exactly what the trio of Funeral, Yurms, and Angelus have expertly communicated in the most vivid fashion on their latest song together entitled “That’s Ok!” — a straightforward yet momentous track that is without question a highlight of the already-stacked year that each of these three have had thus far.

The three deliver their confidence-bursting verses over yet another remarkable job on production from 4am, who flaunts his always apparent versatile nature here with a beat that does very little to stick out on its own, but everything it could possibly accomplish and more in being the perfect backdrop for these three to embellish upon.

And that is exactly what they come to do with each of their respective passages. The verses given by Yurms and Angelus – two acts who fail to ever play it low on a guest appearance – surround a Funeral hook that is without a doubt one of his best-provided licks yet, and that is truly saying a lot considering what a master of earworms he has shaped up to be in the recent past.

All of these facets combine to create an unforgettable and encapsulating song that somehow adds yet another star-making moment to a year where these three – along with 4am’s unmistakably incredible year on his own – have come to impress more than the grand majority of the scene they all find themselves in.