That One Song – [Lil Aaron] ft. [Lil Lotus]

If there’s one person in the entire music industry that I give credit for mashing genres together and opening up my personal world to this kind of music, it’s Lil Aaron. He has been doing his thing, mixing emo and punk sounds with hip-hop and pop music for years, and while he might not have been the first to do it according to other artists, he’s the first person I personally experienced do it, so I can’t help but give him the credit he so rightfully deserves.

I obviously love the rock elements he brings to the table with every new offering because it is very nostalgic for me, but he does it in such a way that it’s not overpowering or too much, and that’s something many up and comers need to take note of. Most recently, the underground icon teamed up with friend and frequent collaborator Lil Lotus to drop off their latest banger “That One Song”, and although the name might make it seem like it’s just another track, it’s definitely something special. Opening up with some epic, airy electric guitar chords and rock-inspired drums, but the one thing I noticed this time around was other than a bit of autotune on the two artist’s vocals, there aren’t too many overtones of hip-hop influence which is not a problem for me even slightly after listening all the way through.

When Aaron sings, he continues a slightly angsty yet powerful message from the first verse into the hook, mentioning how everyone has a certain song that reminds them of something or someone and brings them into a darker, more saddening mindset, so he hopes this record is that track for someone who must’ve done him wrong in the past. When Lotus comes in for the second verse, he matches Aaron’s vibe seamlessly with even more anguish, bringing together yet another amazing track that these two amazing talents can add to their repertoire once again.

At the end of the day, I have been a fan of Lil Aaron and Lil Lotus for close to a half-decade, and I would truly have to rack the depths of my brain in order to even think about saying something negative about either one of them. They just make amazing, up-tempo music that is going to get any event bumping whether you’re at the gym or at a house party. “That One Song” is yet another straight-up banger coming out of this dynamic duo’s studio, and while I could rant and rave about it all day, you just need to hear it to see why I speak so highly of it.