Thanks & Praises – [Key Nyata]

One of the best pieces of advice I typically give to up-and-coming artists is to be as consistent as possible. I mean this in terms of releases and social media presence so fans don’t lose track of what you’re up to and always have your name on their mind. At the same time, you have to be consistent with quality music, because if you put out an overflow of records that are just subpar, it’s not going to really entice people to keep coming back for more.

Well, this is just what I think could help, but clearly, I don’t know everything because some artists can take long breaks and come back stronger than ever, and this is the case for Key Nyata who hasn’t released anything new in 4 years. A member of the game-changing rap collective RVIDXR KLVN, Key has clearly not lost even a smidge of his touch when it comes to his track “Thanks & Praises”, which turns out to be such a catchy song that you don’t want to miss out.

The jakesand and erl-produced track is simply infectious in terms of everything from the beat to the flow that Key uses, and I couldn’t help but bob along to the single’s rhythm even though I’m sitting alone in my bedroom as I write this article. The always-talented PHVZES even teamed up with Key Nyata to shoot the music video that premiered on Astari as well, keeping things pretty simple but in a way that really highlights the strengths of this record.

The entire video is in black and white, and after a touching homage to his late father at the beginning, Key proceeds to just hangout along, smoke a blunt, and just vibe out to this infectious track, ending things once again with a more up-front and moving memorial to his dad once again who clearly meant so much to him. Admittedly, I wasn’t as in tune with RVIDXR KLVN as a collective when they first made their impact on this industry, but considering I’m a big fan of past members, I think as Key Nyata keeps releasing music, I’m definitely excited to make up for lost time as I get more and more familiar with the Seattle phenom.