Thank You Chance The Rapper (Tribute)

Hey Chance, if you are reading this – thank you.  You have greatly inspired me as well as thousands of others.  It has been amazing to watch you grow as an artist over these past few years, it made me realize that anything can happen, absolutely anything.  The other day I was at your free talent-curated TIP festival, and as soon as I saw the crowd jumping with full energy to Donnie Trumpet’s solo for Slip Slide, I truly realized you changed Chicago – you changed the music industry as a whole.  I mean seriously though, 9,000 Chicago kids starting a mosh pit for a trumpet solo?  That’s incredible. Congratulations to the Social Experiment as a whole.  I would go in to deep detail on the video but I would rather you just watch it for yourself.  Make sure you watch it with your heart, enjoy the journey below.