Tha Collective: The Building Of A Musical Empire

Before any artist hits the mainstream, they need to build an empire. There are no guidelines on how to build your musical empire, but the process is unique for each individual. To find success, artists will need to transform their hobby into a career. Yo$h is making moves towards pursuing his musical supremacy, but he’s not taking the crown on his own. Yo$h is also dedicated to aiding the success of other artists.

Words by: Mackenzie Denoyer

Meet Yo$h

Yo$h came from Bosnia to the States as a child. He was born to do big things in the music world. Growing up in a musical family, he reminisces about his upbringing, “My dad plays the guitar so well it always kept me interested in sounds.” His passion for music grew as he aged; three years ago he started recording in the studio with his brother, Joey Freco. The name Yo$h stems from his Bosnian roots, “Yosh means “more” [in Bosnian] and the dollar sign means money, so my name means More Money.”


Yo$h is a not only a musician; he is also a businessman.  He is inspired by the way rapper Wiz Khalifa handles his image. During our interview, Yo$h expressed his admiration for him. “He’s always been about his money and he always stayed level headed now he’s signing artists and continuing to make that money. He’s really like the OG in the game.”  Yo$h plans to follow in the 

footsteps of Wiz Khalifa and assist other artists in building their empire. These inspirations are what fueled the creation of “Tha Collective”.

Tha Collective

“Tha Collective” is a series of concerts and parties designed to spread up-and-coming artists’ music to a broader audience. I was lucky enough to attend the first of many “Tha Collective” hangouts. The event was aesthetically and audibly pleasing. Dj Moe was the master Dj for all artists.  Tre Coupe, Jake Eff, SmZ1i of Epod Tribe, Louis of Valley Life, and Venture joined Yo$h for the official launch party. All of these artists were hand picked by Yo$h, who tries to bring the very best together for this unique experience. Follow Yo$h on twitter for all updates on future “Tha Collective” events.

Don’t Miss Out

Mark your calendars for October 27th.  Yo$h will be hosting the fourth “Tha Collective” event in Tempe, Arizona  and you won’t want to miss it.  This lineup is packing more heat than the desert. DJ Moe will be throwing down the beats for Yo$h, Jake Eff, Cruise & Loh, RubberBandRocko, Ronin, Kapo Bravado.  CRNR-STRE will be serving up looks at their pop up.  This event is all ages so bring your friend, sister, and grandma if they are down to party.

Words by: Mackenzie Denoyer