Texts – [Angelus] x [Twikipedia]

In such a collaborative setting like the one found ever-so-vividly in the young cast of rising pop talents in their respective Internet-based scene, the essence of having a great deal of chemistry with another act is nothing short of common and even expected. With that being said, these relationships have proven come in numerous different forms and developed between a seemingly endless amount of artists all the same.

For a strikingly apparent and obvious instance of this sentiment put in motion, no two acts quite embody this status better than Angelus and Twikipedia do time after time. These two have proven to be one of the most formidable duos when working together in any sort of capacity, and it makes quite a lot of sense as to why considering how duly talented they both are on the mic and on production all the same.

The two have created some of the most essential offerings in either of their catalogs this year when working together, and in the case of their newest collaborative effort in “Texts,” the same notion has rung true yet again in the most vivid sense imaginable. These two balance each other out yet again with performances that equally contribute to an absolutely outstanding single that could very well match up to even the best that either of them has in store — on songs that feature both of them or otherwise.

Twikipedia themselves provides a gripping and direct instrumental that sees their expert balancing act between heavy low-end stylistics and chipper high-end ones on full display yet again, as the pounding bass works in perfect tandem with the blissfully plucked main riff.

They also lead the song off with a verse of their own that lasts for nearly half of the entire track, but their completely engaging and off-the-wall delivery makes for just as addicting of a listen as the beat they provide has in its own right. This sets up a verse from Angelus herself, which sees her exceptionally flow over this sporadic instrumental with all of the confidence and finesse in the world.

Both of these verses are textbook examples of what these two scene-defining acts bring to the table on nearly every single one of their offerings, but the entire song represents something even beyond that simple description. It is a perfect depiction of how much chemistry these two acts have together, perhaps more so than any of the previous collabs could ever display in their own right.