Test 11 – [Pardyalone]

There have been too many artists that have impacted me personally this year alone to even begin tallying up the numbers. I love this because I can look back at where I was last year and see how much I’ve grown as a human being, and when there is a single artist that pops into my mind and makes me truly appreciate their art above almost anyone else I’ve come across this year, that’s saying a ton. Pardyalone is this artist because although I may not listen to him constantly due to the raw, emotional nature of his music, there are certain times when I simply need to turn on his songs to get through certain struggles and moments of pain. I don’t cry often, and that’s not a toughness thing.

I wish I did cry more, but it just doesn’t happen for some reason. When I need to shed a few tears, let my emotions out, and try to move past the speed bump that stands in front of me, I head right to Pardy’s Spotify profile and the waterworks completely unleash. That says so much about his music, at least to me, because the way he puts his all into his releases just comes through so authentically and impassioned, so I know that in those moments of stress and anxiety, it feels like Pardy is right there with me, feeling my agony as he overcomes his own struggles simultaneously. That means more to me than any top 100 radio hit ever could by far, and I think too many people underestimate the power that he holds within himself.

To cap off a monumental year for the Minnesota-born talent, he decided to drop a final record entitled “Test 11” along with a Jake Carter-directed music video that is a wonderful culmination to the start of his career, and it feels like it’s kicking off another phase of the emcee’s profession. In the song, he definitely gets more diverse with his rap cadences than normal, but there is still a melodious quality within his delivery that is unbelievably addicting. What I love most about this record, though, is his ability to raise and lower his temperament, beginning certain phrases with a careless mumble before building those same saying up to a full-on scream, letting listeners know exactly how he’s actually feeling rather than attempting to dodge the truth or hide from his feelings.

The video, like all of the other flicks I’ve watched from Pardy, is extremely emotive and fits the aesthetic of this track seamlessly. One thing I wasn’t expecting, though, was the skateboarding theme that let Pardy show off his incredible skills on his deck as he hits the skatepark to blow off some steam using another outlet that he is clearly equally as dominant in. I usually end my articles by telling readers they need to check out the new release and get familiar with an artist, but I wanted to do things a little differently this time around. Instead, I wanted to thank you, Pardy.

I hope you’re reading this and understand how much your music has helped me over the past year. I have had lots of stress, anxiety, and dark moments, but all I needed to do was turn your music on, put my head down, and keep venturing forward so I didn’t get caught up in the complexities going on in my head. Too many artists don’t receive their flowers until it’s too late, and while I know you’ll only continue getting more recognition and appreciation for your gift of music, as you should, I want you to know that on a personal level, you have truly guided me through patches of darkness and helped me see the light on the other end of those tunnels.

I appreciate you and everything you’ve done so far in your budding career, and I can only imagine how many others you have helped along the way. Keep being yourself and never let anyone or anything silence you, because the moment that happens, millions of other fans might feel lost all over again. With that being said, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything, Pardy!