Temptation + Seduction- [Roo$ki]

Notorious Dashboy, Roo$ki, is back at it again with two brand new singles titled, “Temptation” and “Seduction”, which narrate a dance of falling into vices and toxic relationships through the dark, introspective lens only Roo$ki can reveal. The first track begins as many relationships do, with an excess of “Temptation”, and finds the Chicago rapper dealing with the consequences of falling into the same ways over the looming, head nodding production from Derrick Soundz. After fighting temptation on the first song, Roo$ki tackles “Seduction”, rapping- “She seduce like medusa/Look at my eyes their stoned”, and tying the track together nicely with a catchy chorus. It’s hard to decide which song is the better one, given that they fit together so well this could have easily been an EP- however we expect Roo$ki has many more cards up his sleeve for 2018 which is why we are just happy to have new material from the Dashboy. Be sure to hit play on “Temptation” and “Seduction” below and follow Roo$ki on Soundcloud and Twitter to stay up to date with his unlimited supply of dark, gritty anthems.