Temple Priest – [MISSIO] ft. [Paul Wall] & [Kota the Friend]

Kota The Friend is one my go-to emcees for when I want to listen to something more laid-back and vibe out. So, when I saw he was attached to the new single from MISSIO, I was expecting something chill.

I was wrong.

Within the first two seconds, it became abundantly clear, “Temple Priest” as going to be a wild ride. MISSIO takes the reigns first, as the RCA-signed duo setting the tone with an in your face aggressive approach set off by Matthew Brue’s energetic vocals and David Butler’s EDM-singed boardwork. Considering the feel, Paul Wall and Kota The Friend are unique choices for features since have a more relaxed approach, but they both fit well and add balance to the wild, balls-to-the-wall effort.

An effort you are gonna want to hear live, “Temple Priest” comes at the perfect time, with MISSIO heading out on tour this Spring. The pair are also set to drop the first installment of their two-part album, with The Darker The Weather coming in March and The Better The Man slated for a summer release.

Listen to “Temple Priest” at the link provided below!