Tell Me I’m Wrong – [Erin Vadala and Her Brother Charles Vadala and Their Band]

Erin Vadala and Her Brother Charles Vadala and Their Band have finally released their first album, Tell Me I’m Wrong. They were on our pages for the first time with one of their singles in support of this record, and after hearing the album in full, I’m happy to say that it meets the high bar set by the outstanding singles.

There’s a sense of familiarity that comes along with listening to this project. The warm and intricate instrumentation, along with Erin’s welcoming and relatable lyrics make for an enjoyable listen, and Tell Me I’m Wrong shows that the group is capable of putting together a focused body of work. The instrumentation is pretty, the song writing is compelling, and the song structures are unpredictable.

Erin is quite the show-stopping lead vocalist. Her vocal inflections complement the beautiful instrumentation exquisitely, and her lyricism is impressively abstract. She belts out some of her most powerful and charismatic vocals on the dramatic “Bet on Me”, and shows off her falsetto on the electric guitar-backed “Unnamed (The Porter)”. “Three Questions” is a standout among many others, as the group plays to their strengths, giving Erin space for an addictive chorus as the track progresses in spectacular fashion.

This is easily one of my favorite releases of the year, don’t miss the band’s impressive debut project below: