Tell Em – [Cochise] x [$NOT]

A few days ago my close friend and co-worker Cole Bennett brought an artist to Chicago by the name of Cochise, it was my first time meeting Cochise, and we quickly hit it off because he has such an infectious and friendly personality. Cochise is also an unbelievably talented artist, so this past Wednesday, we took the trip to Sandwich, Illinois (yes that’s a real place), and Cole directed a brand new music video for Cochise’s song “Tell Em” featuring $NOT! The music video shoot started early in the morning and didn’t wrap up until almost five in the morning on Thursday, and after a few hours of sleep, Cole decided that he wanted to edit + turn around this music video in ONE DAY. Now, at 1PM on Friday, we have just been blessed with the final product. This was honestly one of the most fun visual projects that I can recall in a minute, Cochise and $NOT are amazing people and this whole process was just memorable. The fact that Cole invited these two artists to stay at his house for the few days they were in Chicago, and he actually edited the video with $NOT and Cochise in the same room one day after shooting, and now releasing it less than 36 hours after we wrapped the video, it’s truly remarkable. I hope that we do more projects with Cochise in the future, we do have a Lemonade Stand interview coming with him soon, and he will also be performing on our Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash Festival this August! I could write for days about this one, but I will digress, take some time out of your Friday to watch this brand new music video below!