Teflar – [DC the Don]

In my own honest opinion, if you’re currently an artist who is trying to make it big in the music industry, versatility is your best asset. If you aren’t versatile or adaptive to different beats or situations, then you can pretty much kiss your dreams of fame and fortune goodbye because, in the current day and age that’s pretty much run by the internet, people’s attention spans are simply way too short to keep coming back to an emcee who is constantly repeating the same styles and lyrics over and over again.

On the other hand, if you are able to use this dexterity to your advantage and figure out a variety of different ways to show off your skills, there’s a good chance you’ll either go viral at some point or attract a loyal fanbase that will ride or die with you until you do officially see your time in the limelight come. DC the Don can be looked at pretty much as the posterchild for diverse styles because he has shown every chance he gets that he can do it all from singing to rapping over a myriad of distinctive instrumentals, and that is highlighted more than ever on his album My Own Worst Enemy.

While this is an album that I still regularly come back to and find something new I enjoy that I was once oblivious to, this is even more possible because he has been celebrating the project’s success with a ton of music videos that really let his narrative play out. The latest cut to receive a 713Bran-directed music video is the DJ Kidd-produced track “Teflar”, another extremely aggressive and hard-hitting record that showcases DC’s alter ego DONNY going insane in an abandoned train station as lights flash and scenes transition in rapid succession.

There is actually a seizure warning at the beginning of the video and even though I sometimes think these are included as a tactic to exaggerate the ensuing shots, this one really is that chaotic. So, heed the warning if you are prone to these convulsions and watch at your own risk, but trust me when I say it is well worth the gamble, although I won’t take any responsibility if something does end up happening… Sorry!