Tears In December – [Rence]

I had the chance to write about Rence for the release of his immensely impressive track “Type 2” and I’m elated to be able to write another article for a brand new track that this rising talent just released.

Rence somehow manages to surprise me every time he comes out with something new. Due to each of his songs being so good, it’s always refreshing to see him raising the bar each time. The new offering that he’s come out with today is entitled, “Tears In December”. The upbeat track boasts an extremely catchy and melodic vibe but in no way downplays the emotions that are present. Rence is going to connect with a lot of listeners on this one for nothing other than his transparency. The 3 minute song details a tale of regret and longing…something that many people can resonate with. Somehow Rence takes difficult feelings that are usually hard to articulate and turns them into a beautiful song that highlights the passionate yet vulnerable feeling of loving someone.

Everytime I listen to a new song by the rising star, it feels like I’m learning more about him, which is extremely encouraging from a fan standpoint. There are some artists who don’t want anyone knowing who they truly are, but Rence’s openness is one of the best qualities he possesses as a musician. “Tears In December” is a song you NEED to listen to before the day is over. Rence is consistently killing it and you don’t want to miss it.