Teardrops-[Perri Jones]

If you’re looking for the most soulful and soothing track you’ll hear all weekend, then I’ve got the perfect one for you. With music like hers, Perri Jones doesn’t really need an introduction. Her talent speaks for itself and there’s a specific reason for that. There’s something about generational gifts that are passed down from parent to child and thats exactly what you get when it comes to Perri. Her father just so happens to be former R&B hitmaker Oran “Juice” Jones. If you haven’t heard of him, I would encourage you to do some research on his music to get a full understanding of who Perri is as an artist as well. Clearly she is uniquely different, but its always cool to look back and analyze certain shared traits that are present in her artistry as well.

Today, the NYC based, Houston native is making it onto our pages for her 2020 debut titled, “Teardrops”. If you’ve listened to some of Perri’s other work, you would know how stellar of an artist she is, but in my opinion, this brand new offering completely catapults her into a space that gives me so much excitement for her career. With vocalists, there always has to be that one component of their artistic make up that stands out, and Perri has just that. This slow yet heart piercing song utilizes its polished production and beautiful ambience to envelope listeners into the world of Perri Jones. Her emotions are carefully woven all throughout the deep crevices of this one. Self proclaimed as a sad song, “Teardrops” has the ability to put you into a feeling fueled trance that doesn’t let up until the songs ending. The up and coming singer took her time with this one; making sure she conveyed her truest self to all who will listen.

“Teardrops” is on repeat for me and it probably will be for the rest of the week. I’m a huge fan of Perri Jones and I know y’all will be as well. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below for “Teardrops”. Take it a listen and let us know how you feel afterwards.