Tay Spades ft. Sha EK – “Schemin”

Queens rapper Tay Spades has made a triumphant return to the hip-hop scene with his latest single, “Schemin!” After a noticeable hiatus, he’s back with a vengeance, teaming up with fellow New York rapper Sha Ek on a track produced by WhoIsStefan. In “Schemin,” Tay Spades doesn’t hold back. It’s a bold statement of his resurgence, a declaration that he’s back in the game after facing various challenges, including battles with adversity and personal setbacks. His raw and unapologetic lyrics remind us of the grit and authenticity that defines New York hip-hop.

Tay Spades’ collaboration with Sha Ek adds another layer of intensity to the track. Their chemistry is undeniable, as they effortlessly match each other’s energy and deliver a dynamic performance that showcases their lyrical prowess.

“Schemin’ is just me coming back from hiatus. I’ve been fighting snakes, cases, and death for the last couple of years which made me fall back and play nice. But I’m back now [and] better than ever,” He proclaims. “I’m here to remind everyone who the f*** I am so you know I had to connect with my brother Sha .. who is one of the few people I know, that can match my energy.”

The rising rapper doesn’t stop there. He’s already dropped “Moscow,” a quick loosie for his fans, available on all streaming platforms. And the anticipation is building for the “Schemin” music video, promising an exciting visual experience to complement the track.

“Schemin” is now available on all streaming platforms.