Taste – [Karsen]

It should come as no secret at this point that I’m a huge fan of demos. Quite often, I find myself naturally allured toward the beauty of unpolished ideas sometimes even more than finished products, and looking through all of my writeups, this is clearly reflected with a high volume of articles all about the former. Today, one of my favorite artists to cover, Karsen, is here with a demo of his own entitled “Taste.”

Off rip, this has to be one of the best beats I’ve heard in recent memory, courtesy of Illuid Haller. The tropical tint of the melodies, when mixed with such a rapid pace and fun-loving atmosphere, makes perfect sense alongside Karsen’s soul-soaked deliveries, and resulting is the creation of a perfect summer song in the process. And yes, this may not be what we’re used to hearing from Karsen, but quite frankly, a display of such versatility has to be worthy of applause, especially considering how well the budding talent skated over such an intricate instrumental to take hold of.

Karsen and Illuid both snapped, so be sure to show some love and check out their bright new demo, “Taste,” below!

Produced by Illuid Haller