Tarzan – [CLEW]

CLEW is a new name to my music library, but someone I’ve been missing out on for way too long. The first song I was ever introduced to by him was called “Tarzan.” It features incredible production from Prov, who creates a beat that incorporates some interesting guitar riffs with some bongo drums and more, creating a sound that truly makes you feel like Tarzan, swinging through the jungle, hence the name of the song. CLEW adds to the already layed out ground work and pushes the song along, intermixing some rapping, rhyming and singing in one. This song goes deeper than the surface also, discussing some more serious topics that many artists in this day and age are afraid to mention. “Tarzan” is and incredibly catchy song that is completely well rounded, and not something you want to pass up. Take a listen below and be sure to keep a close eye on CLEW as he continues to turn heads.

words by Danny Adams