TAROT-[Salt Water Taffey]

TAROT is an artist who I’m extremely interested in when it comes to talent and potential. I stumbled upon her music through mutual friends who come from the same Belmont U creative community. It just seems like the artist who come up in this crowd are stacked with immense talent and drive, which will always be celebrated in my books.

TAROT is based in Nashville, but is a Southern California native through and through. Although she could be back home in LA networking and doing sessions, she’s decided to stay back in Tennessee to grind and work on her craft without any distractions. The stellar focus definitely paid off as she’s making it on our pages today for a song that she’s been working on to the point of perfection.

“Salt Water Taffy” is the perfect song to relax and unwind to on this Friday afternoon. Filled with some easy going production and beautiful vocals from TAROT herself, the song will simply make you happy. When you listen, it is easy to sense the care and comfort that the up and comer put into “Salt Water Taffy” which is why it stands out as TAROT’s song that screams the loudest! There’s something here and I’m hype to watch it unfold.

I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give the new track a listen and let us know what you think!