Target – [Shawty Slime]

For a while I had been feeling like Atlanta had been cooling off in the underground as of late while the city’s stars grow brighter and brighter, but that narrative is certainly shifting on account of many different new artists, but perhaps the one I am most excited about right now is Shawty Slime, not to be confused with fellow Atlanta rapper Slimelife Shawty, who has been quietly releasing music for a while now. Rather, it was his From the Block performance with A Zae Productions for his track “Target” that revealed his unique melodic style to his city’s masses and quickly dropped a SwissArmy directed visual with Str8OffTheBoat Media serving as the director of photography. The instrumental is powered by a reflective, slow-burning guitar riff that quickly is assisted by lively percussion, but nonetheless providing an open backdrop for Shawty to deliver his raw and compelling vocals. His lyrics across his entire new project Sleep On that are soul-bearing and introspective tales of his life navigating the unforgiving streets of Atlanta, getting crossed by people he trusted, disappointing his mother, and constantly having to react to people judging his growth as an artist and testing his personal character. I am really eager to hear more music from Shawty Slime and truly feel that off of his new EP alone he is in the very top class of emerging talent coming from Atlanta, and hope that he is able to lead the new wave strongly through this young decade.