Talking To Me – [Gab3]

Within the LA music scene, Gab3 is seen as a trendsetter of sorts, constantly creating waves before anyone else is hip and in the long run, proving to be quite an influential figure. Today, he channels the intersection of rock and rap and hits our pages with a new video for “Talking To Me”. Before we can get into the visual treatment for this one, though, we need to acknowledge the stellar production courtesy of Yayygo. It pinpoints the energetic nature of the guitar and mixes that with booming 808s and infectious, trap-inspired drums, marking a marriage between two unique genres that mesh with seamless chemistry. Complementing this, are vibrant visuals directed by Eric Nelson. In the music video for “Talking To Me”, we watch Gab3 walk through Hollywood, posing with famous figures and embracing the signature neon imagery that the area provides, further illustrating the nature of the song with a keen eye for color and detail. With that being said, be on the lookout for more on the way from this rising star and be sure to watch “Talking To Me” at the link below!