Talk – [Twikipedia]

Despite how limitless, charismatic, and community-centric the rising underground pop scene truly is in its own right, standing out in a wholly unique manner is far more difficult than one would likely think from the outset. More often than not, acts with a striking amount of nuance and oneness to bring to the table will exemplify this through groundbreaking single tracks alone, as is the norm as it currently stands in the scene right now. 

But for an artist to truly break through and stand out with an entirely one-of-a-kind sound, while also doing this via an entire project rather than just a single — that makes whichever respective artist in question that much more of-their-own. 

This tellingly rare instance was just displayed in one of its most adequate manners yet via Talk — the new EP from Braziallian pop standout Twikipedia. This 3-track offering is incredibly momentous, appealing, and sincerely impressive on not just a single project basis, but also as a moment in itself in the still-young career that is truly just beginning to really take off for them.

Though they have been exuding their talents on each and every track and/or project they have come through with in the past, this newest offering is perhaps their finest yet from practically every single angle it could take. The trio of songs here all flaunt breathtaking performances from not only the main feature here, but also from a number of fitting and apparent guest appearances that do nothing else but elevate the project to what can only be described as unreachable heights for what it is. 

The project leads off in blistering fashion with “Talk Down” — a track that sees Twikipedia at their most focused and discrete level yet along with a show-stealing verse from Sebii, all over an impeccably-produced beat from Hallow and Twikipedia themselves. 

That exhilarating energy is kept up as the project moves into “Talk2u,” which again flaunts another incredible pairing of Twikipedia along with Angelus. The two work off of each other brilliantly here, both matching the given beat in their own unique manners. 

“Wind” closes the project off in a contrastingly subdued fashion compared to their former two tracks, with a bouncy Blackwinterwells beat serving as the base for her, Tayparadox, and of course Twikipedia themselves to end this absolutely mind-bending experience in an all-too-conclusive fashion.

With the amount of talent that Twikipedia has in store, standing out in the way that they do is anything but a challenge, and they have consistently proven as such with countless offerings in the past. But to come through with an experience like this – something that can genuinely be considered among the best overall projects that their respective scene has in store to this point – is just that much more telling, and it truly speaks to this practically unmatched status that they withhold among their contemporaries.