Talk to God (Remix)- [Swerzie] ft. [Zotiyac]

Swerzie is a new that is brand-new to me, however it’s not a name that’s new to the music industry. The Chattanooga, Tennessee native has been grinding throughout the industry for years, and while I might’ve just found out about him thanks to one of my good friends in the industry, he’s definitely a name that I’m not going to soon forget about. My introduction to him was the remix to his song “Talk to God” featuring Zotiyac, and it was a song that as soon as I pressed played, I texted my homie who put me onto him immediately and thanked him for the recommendation, and that rarely happens even if I really vibe with a song.

Although I haven’t heard the original, the Hollow-produced instrumental begins with some thunderous 808s, tempo-setting percussion, and an optimistic yet somewhat troublesome and ominous synth progression that combines for an amazing foundation for Swerzie and Zotiyac to thrive on. In the hook, Swerzie boasts some chill, non-expressive bars that just ride out over the instrumental. His vigor might not shine at this point, but his laidback disposition is nothing short of addictive, and I couldn’t wait to see what kind of twists and turns this track was going to take.

When Zotiyac comes in for the first verse, he is relentless with his words, constantly assaulting the beat with consistent bars that never waiver or pause, showing off his incredible skills as he gets into details about some violent, menacing activities he may or may not take part in, but I’m not going to be the one to question his motives. When Swerzie comes in for the second verse, his personality takes a complete 180 degree turn as he elevates his enthusiasm and shows off his very eye-opening energy wonderfully. His words are gritty and aggressive, and his flows rush off of his tongue nonstop, proving exactly why he has been making a name from himself in the industry.

After hearing just this one song, I am curious why I hadn’t gotten familiar with him sooner and I also wonder why he isn’t a much more renowned artist in general, but music fans are going to hear much more of Swerzie moving forward whether they like it or not. With that being said, I can’t recommend checking out his “Talk to God (Remix)” any more than I already have because it’s a record you just need to hear for yourself to truly understand why I admire it so highly, so make sure you get in tune sooner rather than later.