Talk – [Jackie Hayes]

The last I spoke to Jackie Hayes (formerly Family Reunion), the Chicago-area songwriter was one night away from her first Chicago headlining show. In the midst of the eleventh-hour commotion that precedes any concert, she mentioned that she’d also be changing her name that coming week—a decision that marked the start of a new chapter for her both in terms of her career and overall sound. Today, Hayes has shared the first song under her new moniker, titled “Talk”.

“I am the closest I’ve ever been to finding my own sound, which is the goal right now. It’s 90’s influenced, but there’s a lot of other stuff in it as well,” Hayes mentioned back in August, citing Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins as two of the 90s bands she’d been drawing inspiration from. The 90s alternative flair is undeniable on “Talk”, showing through in the jagged-edged guitar that bleeds across the entire track and energized by the re-emergence of live drums in Hayes’ music. “Talk” continues to incorporate elements of Hayes’ previous work as well, most notably the candid, heart-on-your-sleeve type of songwriting that’s come to be one of the most distinguishable qualities of her music. She fills the track with significant moments for a listener to latch on to as they listen, whether it be Hayes’ delicate falsetto hook or the fuzzy guitar solo that brings the song home.

Listen to “Talk” by Jackie Hayes below: