Talk About Me – [Dot Da Genius] ft. [Kid Cudi] [Denzel Curry] & [J.I.D.]

Dot Da Genius is a legend in this industry, and if his name is new to you, you might want to do some research before you speak any further. I mean, he was the mastermind behind Kid Cudi’s 2008 hit “Day ‘n’ Nite” as well as a variety of other Cudi records, and he has also worked with world renown artists including Nas, Denzel Curry, Lil Nas X, and plenty more. Producers just don’t seem to get the same spotlight as emcees because their work is often done behind the scenes, so when I saw that Dot teamed up with the captain of our ship Cole Bennett, I wasn’t wasting any time to peep the magic that was brought to life.

“Talk About Me” features Kid Cudi, Denzel Curry, and J.I.D., so even though this is a trio I didn’t expect to come across in a million years, they work so incredibly well over Dot’s insanely poignant instrumental, and the video is one of the best pieces of art I have seen all year. There is a mixture of black and white scenes sprinkled in throughout, but even in the clips that contain color, it seems like the vibrancy is turned down in order to not take away from the continuous theme that remains consistent throughout.

While the three icons get together in the center of a well-lit warehouse, it appears as if Dot is controlling everything from behind the scenes, often sitting in front of a plethora of screens to watch every move that is made. In the individual shots, each artist is given their own unique setting, something that is revisited whether they’re spitting their verses or providing ad-libs for their song-mates.

At the end of the day, the diversity and scene selection in this video is absolutely insane, but that’s what’s to be expected when you combine 4 of the best musicians in the industry with the world’s greatest director, all biases aside of course! “Talk About Me” is such a fantastic song, and Cole did his thing like only he knows how with this music video, so stop whatever you’re doing and tap in with the best thing you’ll experience all month!