Taking Me Back For The Night – [Sækyi] x [Tommy Richman] x [Rooftop Collective]

There is nothing better than two incredibly talented artists from the same state collaborating and releasing something special, such as the case of “Taking Me Back For The Night,” a collaborative single from Virginia natives Sækyi and Tommy Richman. Together the pair build a record made up of their individual skill sets while simultaneously unlocking that novel thing that happens when two artists put their heads together. Tommy Richman opens the single with manipulated vocals, creating an electric buzz that permeates into the song’s minimalistic drums setting a hypnotic tone for Sækyi rap over. Consider the collaboration a sonic alley-oop of the highest difficulty performed with utter grace; Tommy throws a perfectly timed lob and Sækyi catches the ball while mid 360, only to dunk the ball with precision. The pair play off each other beautifully, creating an incredibly addictive song that can best be described as a total ear-worm.

Listen to the collaborative single, “Taking Me Back For The Night” by Sækyi and Tommy Richman also known as Rooftop Collective below.