Take You on a Journey – [Erin Vadala and Her Brother Charles Vadala and Their Band]

Erin Vadala and Her Brother Charles Vadala And Their Band are on our pages for the first time with their new single “Take You on a Journey” from their upcoming debut album.

I initially discovered this group through a live show, and immediately fell in love with their sound. They were the opening act of the night, and I, along with everyone else in attendance, was taken back by their performance. Their performance featured a number of songs consisting of beautifully arranged live instrumentation, interesting song structures, and absolutely phenomenal lead vocals from Erin Vadala. The moment they performed their song “Dolly” was when I came to the understanding that they were the real deal, and overall their performance was an unforgettable burst of energy.

So, naturally, after the live show, I checked out what the band has to offer on streaming services. I was pleased to hear a collection of studio recordings of the tracks I heard at the show, that captured that same energy the band showed live, and instantly became a fan. This continues with their newest single “Take You on a Journey”, and a journey it is. One with great breakdowns, intricate instrumentation, stunning progressions, and some really catchy vocal refrains from Erin, who shows off her impressive range on the track.

This is definitely a breath of fresh air that you don’t want to miss. Check out this new track, along with the rest of their songs below and on all streaming services.