Take Off – [Wacotron]

Out of all the hubs for Rap music in today’s internet age, there are so many rising regions that deserve a claim at the throne. Obviously, something I’ve mentioned before is the fact that LA, NYC, and Atlanta are some of the dead giveaways for these sonic destinations, but other places like Detroit, North Carolina, and Florida are beginning to make leaps and bounds towards the spotlight. One other area that deserves much more recognition is Texas, and the talent in this state goes much further than Travis Scott and Meg the Stallion, even if they are two of the biggest names in all of music at the moment.

Even so, Houston is the city taking the cake and receiving all of the recognition it seems, but Texas is a big state with even bigger personalities throughout. One of the most notable up and comers is Wacotron, a rising talent who recently signed to Pick Six Records after working fairly extensively with hitmakers like Southside and 808 Mafia. His latest single “Take Off” was an immediate showstopper that showed off many of the newcomer’s skills and talents, so when I found out that he made a brand-new music video to accompany his latest track, tuning in was obviously a no brainer.

We The Shooters and Donthypreme directed this miniature movie, and although nothing is absolutely wild or crazy, they keep things very simple as to not take away from Waco’s unphased, relaxed demeanor and personality, which are things that definitely help him stand out amongst the crowd. His flows are impressive and seem to naturally roll off of his tongue which shows off his masterful outlook and impressive aptitudes despite his relatively new entrance into the music scene.

One of my favorite shots in the music video comes when he stands on a marble floor in front of a literal pallet of money that must be holding millions of dollars. Whether or not this cash is real is definitely up for questioning, but the aesthetic of it looks awesome regardless, so I won’t ask too many questions. Other than this, there is one scene where he dances around an all-white backdrop in his bright white winter jacket while another scene shows him surrounded by dangling lights and his homies while everyone vibes out with the promising Texas emcee.

At the end of the day, although this music video might not blow anyone’s mind or break through any creative barriers, Wacotron’s skills are as clear as day and his flows speak for themselves. I’m typically into more fast-paced, lively records so when a more tranquil, relaxed song like this truly impresses me, I know that the artist is destined for something great moving forward. What’s even more impressive is the fact that “Take Off” is only Wacotron’s 3rd song to date, meaning he still has tons of room for improvement and perfection. Nonetheless, he is well on his way to a promising career in Rap, so be sure to tune in and familiarize yourself with the up and coming Waco star.