Tag Team – [JG Dooit] & [Cdot Honcho]

JG Dooit and Cdot Honcho join forces in their new video for “Tag Team.” I’ll say it right now. There’s nothing out right now harder than this video and I’m ready to argue. Cdot is known to body everything he touches and this song is another example. JG and Cdot go back and forth trading piping hot verses to let us know exactly how they are coming this year. If this song is any indicator of what to expect, things might get ugly. Wait, how could we forget to mention¬†Honcho 3 is almost here and coming to a speaker near you. There’s hella heat on the way so stop what you’re doing and press play on the crispy visual underneath. Remember the name Cdot Honcho and JG Dooit with two “O’s.”