Taco Tuesday- [Migos]

It’s pretty clear that once Migos gained so much traction with their music, they became world renown and a mainstay in the Rap industry. In my own personal opinion, nothing beats their classic music, whether it’s songs that put them on like “Versace”, tracks that proved how talented they truly are like “M&M’s”, or features that they contributed to that truly elevated projects like they did on Travis Scott’s Days Before Rodeo standout song “Sloppy Toppy”. Back during this time, they just seemed the most authentic. Although they still make fantastic music and are clearly more successful than ever currently, they just seem to be gimmicky on certain tracks, which is honestly part of the reason they’ve blown up and received such mainstream recognition, so I can’t blame them one bit.

Although it is a bit of a gimmick once again, their latest song “Taco Tuesday” gives us a record to play while celebrating Cinco De Mayo inside during this quarantined holiday. Piercing bass drums, crisp, brisk percussion, and a smooth, electronic-sounding synth provides the framework for the production on this celebratory hit. I was expecting more instruments along the lines of a mariachi band to create the foundation of this beat, to be honest, but it doesn’t take away from the overall theme in my opinion. It’s no secret that LeBron James is a major fan of Taco Tuesdays, celebrating them with his family every chance he gets. Due to this fact, an audio clip of the NBA superstar celebrating is used at the beginning to introduce the song, as some of the Migos add in ad-libs to really hype the song up before it even begins.

Quavo takes the chorus and proves once again that he is the undisputed king of hooks. His flow just bounces around, sounding so smooth and effortless even though it’s much more complicated than many artists can reproduce in the current state of Rap music. Offset comes in for the first verse boasting a pitter-pattering delivery that’s full of energy and creativity, as he repeats words at the end of certain lines to ensure they get stuck in your head. Finally, Takeoff provides his contribution for the second and final verse, showing off his always intricate and out of the box flows full of vigor and originality. Obviously, there are themes related to the Hispanic culture that are pretty much added in as a tactic to relate back to the song’s title, but some of the other topics discussed include diamonds, serving long lines waiting at the door of the trap house, and making their money multiply.

This track only lasts for about a minute and a half, but it’s pretty catchy throughout. Considering the group has been somewhat cohesively quiet together, but release music more often individually, it’s nice to hear them all on a song at the same time once again. Furthermore, the lyric video that comes with the new hit shows off a food truck that displays the three artists in hot sauce form, switching from bottle to bottle as they rotate through their parts. As this takes place, classic vibrant Hispanic skulls that are probably more reminiscent of Day of the Dead than they are of Cinco de Mayo can be seen covering the walls in the background, adding a trippy layer to the backdrop. In my opinion, I think this song will exit our minds just as quickly as it entered, but it’s still a fun and festive offering for the holiday. So, no matter how you plan on celebrating, make sure you check out Migos’ newest song “Taco Tuesday” to get in the spirit.