IDK is one of those artists that I had never really listened to on my own time, but I have heard his name pop up so many times that I know he is someone that deserves all the attention in the world. After checking out a few songs on Spotify, I realized that I have actually heard a ton of tracks that I was a massive fan of without even realizing it and that in turn made me realize that I seriously need to pay way more attention, and I’m beyond excited to do so moving forward, especially with the song he just dropped today!

The name of this gem is “Taco” and is produced by KAYTRANADA who is one of my all-time favorite producers, so I knew I was going to love the record even before I listened. Going into this one based on other songs I had heard from IDK, I didn’t expect this collaboration just because I know he can often be pretty blunt and powerful, but I also have witnessed the very diverse spectrum of sounds that he is capable of bringing to life, so I knew without a doubt that this one was going to be something special, which it definitely was.

The beat contains a similarly intoxicating bounce alongside some jazzy melodies and energetic piano progressions, giving IDK an amazing rhythm to work with from the jump. He wastes no time getting to the point, either, as he comes out firing nimble cadences and clever wordplays from the very beginning, never letting these elements die out whatsoever throughout the entirety of this jam. The color-muted music video that was self-directed with some assistance from Anthony Sylvester was also quite an amazing treat, making this release so magnificent on all fronts, and I definitely can’t wait to keep bumping this one as time goes on.