T.R.U. – [454] x [ATELYE MARC]

Orlando’s own 454 is sculpting the sound of the future with samples from the past, compiling a compelling sound that can be rejoiced by crate-diggers and plugg music fans alike as seen on his groovy new track “T.R.U.” The soulful single built alongside his show-stopping dj ATELYE MARC tastefully juxtaposes the saturated cassette-processed instrumentation against its high-fidelity booming bassline setting the scene for 454’s introspective and heart-on-the-sleeve delivery that ties the layers together in an all too fleeting 1:32 runtime.

Like many, I was first introduced to 454 back in the dying embers of the summer of 2021 when his debut album 4 REAL was fittingly featured soundtracking Homer’s website (Frank Ocean’s jewelry store). Although I left the site with an empty basket, I had found a gem of an artist. I was immediately hooked by his self-produced catalog filled to the brim with adrenaline-inducing tempos and ear-candy textures that lay beneath his always-catchy hooks and intoxicating flows. Furthermore, it was really love at first listen when I heard him sample Brent Faiyaz’s “Been Away” on his explosive tune “LATE NIGHT” which sees 454 with a masterful performance encored by his manipulation of the track’s tempo in the second half for a syrupy DJ Screw-esque conclusion. As a result, his discography had an in-escapable chokehold on my listening history for the longest. Coincidentally he was playing a show at the legendary East Village jazz club known as nublu during the first week following my move to NYC for school, which saw him absolutely tear down the stage of the intimate venue. His performances are another – and less talked about – dimension of his artistry that separates him from his peers. 

Beyond, his evergrowing discography 454 has built quite a ubiquitous presence across New York City since his move from Florida back in 2017 thanks to his prevalence in the skate community and recent explosion into the world of DJing under the monicre gatorface. His eclectic taste and deep-cut musical influences are on full display within his sets and for those beyond city limits it’s definitely worth giving an ear to his monthly curated sets on NTS Radio where he showcases hour-long mixes, sneaking in unreleased tracks tucked between heaters ranging from artists like Chief Keef to Aaliyah. 

Fittingly he previewed an early version of “T.R.U.” via his October 17th NTS show that honestly blindsided me with a 180 transition as it trailed The Internet’s “Red Ballon. The track offers us a new angle to 454, gifting us a front-row seat to his emotion-filled vocals that appear more raw and prevalent in the mix than ever before. This track follows another loosie release of last month’s single “DUCK DUCK GOOSE” which has journaled his foot-on-the-gas approach to releasing music, keeping us fed as we wait eagerly for another 454 project to follow the legendary SURF GANG produced FAST 5

In the meantime tap in with “T.R.U.” using the links below!


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