Georgia’s T-Hood joins talented producer NayG. on “Spent Too Much.”

It legitimately took less than five seconds for me to know if I was going to enjoy this track or not. Virginia producer/engineer NayG’s beat eliminated any doubt in just the first few scores. Those who follow my writing on this page know that I absolutely love a dark instrumental, and NayG hit this one on the head. Other-worldly sounds, slower BPM, and hard-hitting drum patterns had me locked in from the get-go.

“This song made me come out of my element. Contrary to my traditional production style, I experimented with a darker more abstract sound this time around. My uniqueness has always been a defining factor throughout my career and I made no exception to the rule.”

Whoever he was going to get on this beat had to make the most of it, and that’s exactly what Georgia’s T-Hood did. His drawn-out, muddy delivery fit the ethereal sound flawlessly, bringing the fire from line to line as he spit lines with confidence and raw energy. The two combined to make a real hit, one that I think is going to catch a lot of listeners attention. If this joint found its way into my library, it’s only right I pay the favor forward. I went back and checked out NayG’s previous drops, and I think I stumbled on some gems. Check out his discography and peep “Spent Too Much” on Spotify below!