SZN – [Skrizzy]

One of the greatest joys that I love to experience, is the artists from all around the country and the sounds attached to them. While regional impact is something that I speak of often here, I always appreciate those artists who can adapt to any sound scene and blend in effortlessly. For the Los Angeles-native Skrizzy, this is a task that he accomplishes perfectly-not only on this track, but in all of his music released prior. Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut, Skrizzy is here to bless the streets with his flaming new single “SZN”.

Despite being from Los Angeles, Skrizzy has an amazing ear for all types of music. His most recent project being Music We Can F*ck To 6: A Side N*ggas Fantasy is full of R&B jams and slow songs that fit..well you know, the scenario of the title warrants. However, Skrizzy branches away from the R&B grooves and slow jams here and delivers a trunk-rattling single that fits well into the climate of what’s buzzing today. Although being from LA, the sounds coincide with the vibe that has been created and mastered by the south. This goes to prove that no matter where one may be from, music does not always have to be attached to one’s hometown or where they grew up from. On top of that, he even pays homage to the legendary southern rap group Three 6 Mafia by using a line from their “Slob On My Knob” record. When speaking to Skrizzy about the creation of the track, he had this to say:

“This record is special to me because it was the first song I recorded after my battle with vocal cord paralysis as a result of cancer. My manager at the time said to me ‘you haven’t used your voice for a significant amount of time so it may take a while to get back in the swing of things.’ I took it as a personal challenge and this was the outcome. This is my season (SZN), my space, and my time.”

Stream the latest release from Skrizzy below and be sure to connect w/ him on Twitter!