Synecdoche [Tullis] x [Roddy]

“I know I’m not the special type, never really worth the hype, never worth the time at all, hard for me to sleep at night…” – Tullis

Phoenix, Arizona based artist Tullis returns to Lyrical Lemonade with “Synecdoche,” which is the smooth opener off his new four-track EP The Space Between. The entire project was produced by Roddy, which contains a sonically appealing palette for a multi-genre listening experience. I chose the intro as the standout record because it brilliantly sets the tone for the next three songs. Moreover, Tullis pours the entirety of his emotions on the musical canvas; namely indecisive meditations on romance. For example, the contradictory words “when it’s all said and done I don’t need you” don’t align with “I can’t get your attention,” which serves as a fascinating exploration into the psyche of the burdened artist. Stylistically Tullis begins and ends with his softest singing voice with a tied rap verse in the middle. The rap portion is the most expressive whereas the singing is more meditative, as Tullis initially ponders before confessing a number of hard truths about himself. Moreover, the ambient, somewhat melancholy instrumental brings Tullis center stage as the listener is solely focused on the lyrics being spoke. Overall, Tullis once more demonstrates that he is unafraid to show himself at his highest and lowest. As a result, the relatability with his music remains with his core audience, who no doubt appreciate the transparency of his artistry. Listen to “Synecdoche” below!