Sylph Fossil – [Iglooghost]

Iglooghost has made a career out of making the unimaginable come to life. This generational talent cemented their place as one of the 2010s most eclectic, prolific, and simply gifted production forces of the entire decade — applying their untouchable takes on deconstructed club music, ambient pop, and beyond to a number of remarkable EPs and singles alike. 

Though this once-in-a-lifetime production force certainly accomplished more than the average contemporary could in this past decade – including a seminal full-length offering in 2017’s Neō Wax Bloom – they have wasted next to no time at all in kicking off this new decade with an incredibly long-awaited follow-up to that aforementioned album. 

This following project will come in the form of Lei Line Eon — a 10-song experience that is set to be even more conceptual and thematic than its predecessor was in its own wake. With such a promising occasion on the horizon, only the utmost ideal tracks could ever serve to tease towards what is set to be a fittingly momentous project to come on April 2nd of this year.

To say that “Sylph Fossil” meets all of these expectations would be a telling understatement to say the least. More than just that, it defies any sort of preconceived expectations as to how Iglooghost could burst into this new era with as great of a force as they did. This track, with all the dramatic grace in the world, is the ideal taste of the full coming moment that we’re now set it store for because of it.

With just a few seconds of ambiance to set the scene, this track explodes into a cavernous, yet direct passage of metallic synths and rhythmically-sporadic vocal riffs. This unfathomably dense groove is only broken up by a few heavenly violin cues with some equally-delicate vocals placed atop them. The shift between the abrasive vocals that are more directly in line with the track’s harder portions and the high-pitched ones that contribute to its more subdued moments creates the perfect dynamic for such a sporadic track to lay its foundation on as it continues to evolve throughout.

It continues this evolution with passage after passage building on each other — not a single one of them sounding quite the same as the last, an impressive but unsurprising feat for the type of talent that is behind all of this in the first place. After these immense moments build to their inevitable climax, the track comes to a fittingly slow and steady conclusion as it devolves into pure bliss with some reserved percussion leading its way out the door. 

With this song being just the third out of a 10-track lineup, the amount of emphatic weight that it holds only promises so much more once this entire project is unveiled. Iglooghost is a master of channeling the most cinematic experiences via their art, and for a standalone track like this to serve as an example of that sentiment by itself, waiting for his full vision to come to light by way of this coming album will be difficult, but all-too-worthwhile when it finally arrives.