sydney – [aldn]

When looking at the already impressive career that aldn has built for himself since entering the music business a few years back, it’s pretty crazy to see how far he has come in such a short amount of time. He started things with his incredible production skills, creating soundscapes for friends and fellow artists like glaive, renforshort, midwxst, and others, but it wasn’t until he decided to include his own vocals on these beats that he seriously spread his wings and took flight. Since then, he has received over 32 million streams across platforms as well as a slew of short projects that just seem to expand on his already solidified skill set.

Each of these EPs might be relatively quick listens, but they also seem to show additionally unique styles and instrumentations that I don’t think anyone could release with the same consistent strength and effort that aldn does. Thanks to his never-ending hard work, he has achieved so much success at just 21 years old, and after recently being spotted in the studio with Travis Barker, I am certainly on the edge of my seat to hear what he has in store with the iconic musician as well.

With another EP coming out in the near future, aldn dropped a brand-new song and video combination last week entitled “sydney”, and this one is yet another aldn and Jeff Hazin-produced rock/indie-fueled offering that simply pulsates with enthusiasm. In the music video directed by Tommy Bauer, we’re given an inside look at a party where everyone is having a great time with the exception of two people: aldn and a girl who I am assuming is named Sydney based on the title of the record.

They escape to the roof to have some fun of their own, eventually taking the train to a beach where they continue to enjoy a beautiful day of their own accord in this super clean and well-produced visual treatment. At this point, there is no stopping aldn’s rise to the top, and I can’t think of many people who deserve it more after the impact he has made in such a quick period of time, so while we wait patiently for even more music from the Virginia phenom, “sydney” is certainly not something you are going to want to miss out on by any means.