Switch Lanes-[Asaiah Ziv]

Asaiah Ziv: A name that you NEED to know if you already don’t. Today, the 22 year old rapper/producer/songwriter is making a well deserved appearance on Lyrical Lemonade after releasing his latest piece of art, “Switch Lanes”; a track that has every bit of potential to become a chart topper. It would be an understatement to say that the hip-hop game needs an artist like Asaiah Ziv; because in reality, the whole entire music industry needs an artist like him. 

I’m a huge string instrument fan, so anytime a song starts off with a soothing yet groovy guitar strum, I’m instantly hooked. “Switch Lanes” has just that; courtesy of the very talented musician, Obed Padilla, who was tapped to add his own personal flavor to this new offering. Throughout the song, Asaiah’s production prowess and lyrical mastery absolutely shine. With some unbelievable bass additions, it’ll be extremely hard for you to sit still while listening. In one of the lines, Asaiah explains that he never wants to be controlled on his path to self discovery and truth. This is extremely dope because after hearing this track, there is no doubt that Asaiah has found himself and can truly become a force in this industry. 

I’m extremely hype for y’all to listen to this track. If you’re like me, you’ll probably have it on repeat for a couple of days. Take a listen for yourself though, as I’ve attached the Spotify link below. If you rock with this song, make sure to check out all of Asaiah’s work and follow him on his social media accounts here and here. 2019 very well may be the year that Asaiah Ziv receives all of the recognition he deserves…Enjoy!