Switch – [Handz Huncho] x [Cosha TG]

Brent Rambo and Uglyfriend are two of my all-time favorite producers, and they have been for years at this point. They have created so many different sounds that fueled the underground ever since the early days of the SoundCloud boom, and I’ve respected their individuality ever since. With their success and sheer tenure in the industry at this point in time, they work with so many different artists who I might not be familiar with, but I enjoy being introduced to because I never know what I’m going to get considering the range of styles that the two producers are able to bring to life.

Most recently, Brent Rambo raved on Instagram how Cosha TG has the best hook of the year on a collaborative song with Handz Huncho called “Switch”, and I just might have to agree after tuning in. I’m a bit ashamed because I was unfamiliar with either of these talents and they’re both from Chicago which makes my shame even more abundant, but now that I’m in tune, I can’t wait to dive into the plethora of other music they’ve dropped recently. Brent and Uglyfriend create a beat that’s admittedly obscure for them, but that’s kind of because it’s more normal than any of the out of the box production I’m used to hearing from either of the two hitmakers. They utilize meaningful, expressive piano chords paired with chattering hats, clean claps, and deep, resounding 808s for a new take on a somewhat Drill-inspired song.

Handz comes in for the first verse on an offbeat, allowing himself to show off an already impressively unique flow from the very moment he starts speaking. His voice is deep and pure, and the words he speaks are clear enough to understand every word he says, but not over-annunciated to the point where it throws off his rhythm even slightly. While his demeanor remains fairly unchanged throughout his verses, he does raise the tone and inflection of his vocals during certain moments, adding new sounds to his already impressive bars. While he makes his way throughout his portions of the song, he talks about violent acts he’s not afraid to commit in order to protect him and his people, paying homage to those who have been taken from his life too soon, and staying loyal to those who are loyal to him.

Cosha comes in only to offer up a chorus for this track, but man does he make his mark. He sings in such an interesting yet impressive fashion, holding out certain words and bending his notes as if to give them a wavy, vibrating effect. He mixes this style in with more rapid-fire bars that provide even more dexterity to his cadence, and although some words might come off almost shrill in nature, they add some emotive elements that are truly appreciated throughout. As he takes us on a sonic journey through his words and notes, he talks about never switching up, not allowing emotions related to past events affect him, and always being there for his group no matter what happens.

As for the video, there are scenes that are also very reminiscent of Drill videos we’ve seen in the past, but the overall vibe doesn’t scream Drill at me which is nice for some diversity. The main scene that continuously reoccurs throughout takes place in a kitchen in someone’s home where Handz can be seen almost every time this setting is shown, and Cosha pops in during the hooks he sings. While hanging out in the room, the Handz and his crew count stacks on top of stacks of money, wave guns around in the air, and dance around as the rapper recites his lyrics. Other shots show Handz either sitting in the passenger seat of a car that’s driving around or in an alleyway of some sort, but these act more so like transition shots rather than main scenes. When Cosha does come in for the chorus, he can also be seen standing in a staircase, flexing his designer garments as well as even more stacks of cash as he sings his impressive notes. As far as effects are concerned, there are a few interesting scene transitions, animations that alter the color of the screen for brief moments, and other slowed down or sped up clips that can be seen throughout.

All in all, I was extremely impressed with this offering on all fronts. The production was clean, touching, and perfect for the overall meaning behind the song. The visual gave us a look into the artists’ lives and although it was fairly simple, it was effective, nonetheless. My introduction to the two talents was better than I expected and I’m already looking forward to hearing the rest of their music that I’ve been missing out on for far too long at this point. Huncho’s delivery is hard-nosed and insistent, but he does a great job of telling his story in a clear and concise manner, which is definitely important in this day and age of music. Cosha’s voice is absolutely infectious and it sounds so out of the ordinary from anyone else in the industry today, in my opinion. His hook is sure to get stuck deep in your brain for the foreseeable future, but I’m not complaining in the slightest. Handz Huncho and Cosha TG are making waves in Chicago with their incredible music, so make sure you check out the duo’s latest collaboration called “Switch”.