Swerve – [Sunny Woodz] ft. [Wheatie] x [Roy French] x [YP]

This week, Sunny Woodz gifts listeners with a new age, old school beat track titled “Swerve.” A musical paradox greatly complimented by featured artists Wheatie1223, Roy French, and YP. The song opens with a short clip of Soul Train legend, Don Cornelius, announcing that the audience is in for “another super-slick ride on the Soul Train,” and that’s precisely what occurs. The camera angle swiftly switches to the four artists, Sunny Woodz, Wheatie1223, Roy French, and YP, who are on the Soul Train spotlight. The instrumental begins as the artists slowly vibe, and accordingly, the audience already loves it. A few seconds into the song, Wheatie1223 sets the tempo as he essentially states throughout his verse that “his business is his business,” and assumingly everyone else should keep to their own as well. Additionally, he makes it clear that he’s in a good place, and assures listeners that’s where he intends to stay. Next, Roy French supports Wheatie1223 by rapping that he too is in a good place, and has to constantly curve life’s everyday obstacles to stay there as well. Lastly, YP drops a very serious, but related verse that adds that he too struggles to make it in this dog eat dog world, but is rigorously trying to achieve his dreams. Overall, the song is extremely smooth, melodic, and all rappers flow as slick as the ride on the Soul Train Don Cornelius initially assured the audience would experience.

Directed by APJ Films

Words by Gabe Polhill