Surf – [Donnie Trumpet] & [The Social Experiment]

First off, shout out to the police officer that caught Chance smoking weed a couple blocks away from his high school a few years back, you the real MVP. Because your the reason for the 10-day suspension Chance received, which lead to his debut tape “10 Day,” which lead to well received project “Acid Rap,” which has now lead us all to today, the moment Chance The Rapper fans have been dying for. (story behind 10 day)

FINALLY! After countless months wishing this day would come its officially upon us as Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment have released their highly anticipated mixtape “Surf.” Before diving right into the music, lets take a brief look into the past together.

“We gon’ get this paper, put that on my mama. You gon’ see us later, put that on my mama.” – “Hey Ma” (Visuals)

Bold statement by a young Chancellor Bennett back in 2012, almost as if he knew where he was going all along. Lets face it, the teenage kid passing out his CDs on State Street in front of Jones College Prep is long gone ever since his 2013 project Acid Rap, which dropped just over two years ago. Today? Chance is arguably the biggest face in the music industry, and he is now taking his next step into stardom, and he got to this point by just making music with his friends. Literally, his friends. Donnie Trumpet, Alex Wiley, Vic Mensa, Towkio, Joey Purp, Kami De Chukwu, The O’Mys, and Mick Jenkins are all names you’ve heard associated with Chano ever since the start. Now look at these names and think about what they’ve done musically, they truly are the next generation of music. Vic is newly signed to Jay-Z & Roc Nation, Mick Jenkins is about to go on tour with Joey Bada$$, Wiley just had his debut TV performance, Chance brought out Kanye West & Vic Mensa to his Open Mike program on the south side of Chicago, Savemoney co-leaders Leather Corduroys and Towkio both dropped really hot projects this year in “Season” & “.Wav Theory“, simply put this Chicago movement of talent is really going to continue to takeover the whole game.

The Social Experiment is a collective of Chance The Rapper, Nico Segal aka Donnie Trumpet, Nate Fox, Peter Wilkins aka Peter Cottontale, and Greg Landfair Jr. aka Stix. Most of these cats are originally from Chicago, with the exception of producer/engineer Nate Fox who grew up in PA, however all of them have their own unique skill set that they bring to the band to make the type of music only The Social Experiment can make. Back in 2013 Chance The Rapper was on his two month long “Social Experiment” tour, which started in Champaign, Illinois while ending in Los Angels, California. Hitting about twenty different states in between the start & finish, crushing shows (I witnessed), and most importantly the band “The Social Experiment” was formed on this journey. While playing as Chances back-up band on tour that year, the crew decided if they puts their talents & creative minds together they could create something beautiful, something that makes history. Donnie Trumpet & Greg Landfair Jr were no strangers to rocking out with a band & putting out great projects when The Social Experiment was formed, as they played trumpet & drums in Chicagos heavily respected & since departed band Kids These Days. Fellow Savemoney leader Vic Mensa was the main vocalist/rapper in Kids These Days, and the band put out one of the best head-to-toe tapes in 2012 with “Traphouse Rock.” Peter Cottontale had produced some music on Chance’s “10 Day” tape, and was also accustom to bands having played keys in the band Mathien. The crew over at FADER did an amazing write up earlier this year on how the band came together, & it really goes into depth about the relationships of the members (I highly suggest you check it out if you missed it).

Although I briefly touched on the success of a few of The Socials Experiments good friends earlier, I want to make sure that the growth, success & notable accomplishments aren’t over looked. At this point in 2015 & especially after this release, Chance The Rapper is without a doubt the biggest independent artist in the game. Despite the Charlamagnes of the world, almost every you know has probably heard of Chance, and all of this rapid success has came in the past three years. Without a label Chance has headlined many music festivals such as Lollapalooza & Bonaroo, been on nearly every big interview station, has sold out concerts all over the world, has put out two of the best tapes in the past three years, Chance won Chicagos Outstanding Youth of the Year award last year,  heck he’s even friends with Madonna now. Chance blew up at the perfect time, leading this Chicago wave & showing young rappers you can start at Reggies Rock Club & Lincoln Hall but still make it to the top.

Personally, I believe Chance & The SoX have been under rated up to this point, however I also believe that a huge wave of new fans are swarming their way with this release. Now that you know a little more of the background of the band, lets take a good look at #Surf. The longly-awaited mixtape dropped a little bit ago, first being posted by Complex before the internet exploded. The project contains a total of sixteen tracks, and includes features from Erika Badu, Mike Golden, Big Sean, and im not going to tell you any more because you gotta listen for yourself. Not only have Donnie Trumpet & The Social experiment given us the best project we will hear all year, THEY GAVE IT TO FANS FOR FREE ON ITUNES. Lets be honest, Chance could’ve sold Acidrap for $12.99 if he wanted to, so The Social Experiment definitely could have made mass amounts of cash if they had opted to retail “Surf.” However they decided not to, furthermore proving that The SoX are for the people, care about their fans, and aren’t in the music business just to make a money. How often do you hear of that? How many times do you hear the story of someone at Chances level not selling their music but instead giving it to fans for free just out of pure love & respect. Its very refreshing when you see talented artists who care more about their music and how it sounds compared to rappers who throw out half-ass music because they can and will continue to get paid because of past success. I know you probably rushed straight to the music & truthfully I don’t blame you. YOU CAN FINALLY LISTEN TO SURF BELOW, HAVE AN AMAZING DAY!