Super – [Cordae]

If you didn’t already know prior to today, Cordae is a star and there’s no arguing that fact. Ever since he ditched the YBN part of his name, he has taken his solo career to new heights, and after all of the massive features and accomplishments he has achieved throughout his relatively short career thus far, it seems like he is only going to skyrocket even more into the spotlight, making him an artist you need on your radar regardless of what kind of music you might typically listen to.

As he prepares fans for an upcoming album that has yet to receive a release date, as far as I know, he is back and better than ever on his latest record “Super”, which also received an accompanying music video directed by Arrad. This song is an absolute banger, which is to be expected from the DMV native, but the music video takes us to some different parts of the city where he obviously runs things regardless of the situation.

When it opens, he is standing on top of a building overlooking a neon-lit city before the camera pans down into the building where he sits at his desk in his office, showing just how much of a mogul he is not just in music, but in other facets of business as well. From here, he hits the streets where he continues to make deals and shake hands, purchasing even more property to expand his empire. Next, he seems to teach a class where he tells his students about how he is the greatest before being swarmed by a group of fans who ask him for autographs and pictures.

Finally, one of the more interesting shots comes when he finds his head in a guillotine, but this isn’t enough to take him out considering the blade never comes down on him, proving that he can’t be stopped no matter what. While there are so many other parts of this visual that deserve credit, I feel like it’s just something you need to see for yourself, so make sure you check out the music video for Cordae’s song “Super” as soon as you get the chance.