Supa Bwe: The Lemonade Stand Interview

Supa Bwe is a Chicago legend who has played a vital role in the city’s music community for about a decade now, even if you tried to disagree, it’s undeniable. Supa Bwe is one of my favorite artists of my lifetime, he has created music that has helped me get through the toughest points of my life, and I know that I am only one of the thousands of people who feel the same way. A couple of weeks before 2020 ended, I had Supa Bwe come by the Lyrical Lemonade headquarters for a brand new interview, and we now have the final product with a new episode of The Lemonade Stand. This was easily one of my favorite interviews that I have ever done, this was a great conversation, much love to Supa for stopping by! Take some time out of your day to watch this brand new interview below!