Sunshine – [Supreme Sol] x [Handbook]

Walking into the warm surrounding sunshine is something that we all currently yearn for. Supreme Sol, a proficient lyricist born and raised out of Saint Louis, Missouri, is here to share some light via his new single “Sunshine.” Produced by the immensely talented UK-based producer Handbook, the track is accompanied by a music video in which Sol’s energetic dance movements and vibrant lyricism match the groovy instrumental throughout.

Although every Handbook instrumental is different, a touch of elegance is always present, guaranteed to produce contagious head-nodding symptoms for the listener. This occurrence is not the first collaboration between the pair; Sol and Handbook have four plus EPs together, along with ten plus singles. My favorite song of theirs is currently “Tie My Hands,” a powerful record off their 2019 EP “Talk Show Host.” That particular track serves as a glimpse into the life of a black boy that goes into detail about the disconnect, as well as multiple run-ins with police. The song also portrays how the media often demonizes the murdered victim, even if innocent. As one can imagine, “Sunshine” offers a completely different sense of direction, with the vibe being much more uplifting and lighthearted; both in a production and lyrical sense.

A deep dive into their shared discography will quickly familiarize you of the duo’s formidable chemistry. Sol and Handbook may be more underground for now, but it is certainly not foolish to suggest that they are on pace to join some of the greatest producer x artist tandems in hip-hop, such as Blu & Exile, Eric B & Rakim, etc.. Besides, Blu & Fat Jack explicitly made themselves clear that the underground music scene literally makes the world go round, with their song “UMTWGR.” With all music greats, creativity and acquired versatility breeds longevity, which neither Supreme Sol nor Handbook lack. Reverting back to the track of discussion, the chorus of “Sunshine,” where  Sol recites: “I just wanna share my light (x2) n**** I’m Godlike” reminds me of Ab-Soul and Kendrick Lamar’s classic “Illuminate,” where Soul repeatedly states, “They wanna share my light,” followed by Kendrick’s “You can have all my shine, I’ll give you the light. Ironically, their artist names are homonyms, with each of them being elite wordsmiths and masters of their craft. As Ab-Soul is affiliated with the Illustrious Top Dawg Entertainment, Supreme Sol is a part of the emerging talent agency FILO.  As for Handbook, the multi-faceted producer is part of multiple organizations/record labels, consisting of Cascade Records, Hip Dozer, Stereofox, Italdred, Roonote Collective, and BLVNT Records. If you were unfamiliar with Sol and Handbook, look no further with a proper introduction by listening to the music video below.

Words by Brandon Washington