Sunset Diner – [Kid Quill]

There is no doubt that the way most people consume music has changed drastically in recent years. Long gone are the days of driving around your city for months with the same five CDs playing back to front, getting to know every track in order by memory. Currently singles dominate as the overall importance of tracklisting seemed to have lost their importance to fans. So when I first heard Kid Quill’s new album, that is able to weave a cohesive story in 13 songs, the memories of that time period come racing to my head.

Kid Quill’s most recent album Sunset Diner is by far the Indiana natives most ambitious to date. As mentioned in the paragraph above, it is an album that all centers around one central storyline that plays out throughout the project. Sunset Diner is the story of a night out with friends all revolving around this diner. The energy on this album is grandiose and leaves listeners with a larger than life feel, a similar feel to Coloring Book by Chance if that helps paint the picture.

In all of his music, elements of his upbringing in Indianapolis have carried along with him as he’s progressed throughout his career. This evident on the Mac Miller-tribute “Good AM”, that features his former High School’s Marching Band. This project was largely influenced by Mac Miller’s legacy and his passing had a major impact on the way Quill approached his music. Quill wanted to create a world in which people could get lost in via the music.

While the album as a whole is the best way to take in this album, there are a few tracks to jump in with that really stood out. One of my favorites is the bouncy “Street Lights”, which is near the beginning of the album where things are slightly more positive. The album closes out on a more somber tone with personal songs like “Last Night I Had a Dream” that has Quill getting personal with his fans. The best way to sum things up is that this is an album that plays out like a journey for listeners to accompany Kid Quill to Sunset Diner, a fictional place that can connect with people in the real world. 

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