Sunset Demos – [Sækyi]

Fresh to our pages today is Virginia artist Sækyi whose boundary-pushing and ambient style deeply impressed me on his latest project Sunset Demos that is a quick yet poignant and emotionally-rich glimpse into Sækyi’s life and mindset. Track two “Apt 706” that features Eric Penn is the first appearance of Sækyi’s vocals after the instrumental intro and his voice hits tenderly over the moody and smooth beat that never overwhelms his delivery. Sækyi recently brought “Apt 706” to life with a simple concept that was masterfully executed and edited together with cinematic precision.  “Kink” is a woozy and distorted track where Sækyi continues to break down his struggles and difficult romantic relationships, emphasizing his melancholy through the grim compressed vocals that set the track’s downcast affect. He is joined by Boris the Lucid on the track “Memories” which is another gloomy and gentle cut that fully reveals the extent of their collective downtrodden-ness. The EP comes to a close with a gear shift of sorts with “Free Fall” which is a much more up-tempo and energized instrumental that Sækyi skates over and shreds with his dense vocabulary and lyrical gymnastics, finishing off Sunset Demos with an impassioned and melodic bridge that I hope he continues to build more and more of his sound off of. I am really impressed by Sækyi after this release and am eager to see where he goes next with his music.