Sunny Side Up – [Maddie Barker]

Maddie Barker is a teenager from Orlando, Florida whose making her Lyrical Lemonade debut today with her single “Sunny Side Up.” Growing up Maddie was exposed to a lot of jazz and soul records by hearing parents and you can gather that just by listening to her voice on “Sunny Side.” This song fits perfectly within the sad girl tunes or the low key and bedroom pop wave that is currently going on in music right now. I wish I had more music to dive into so I could see how Maddie plans to diversify and separate herself from the rest of the pack. But one thing that is working for her is that she’s still very young and she has time to build on her sound. “Sunny Side Up” is only the beginning of her journey and it’s off to a solid start.

Stream Maddie Barker’s debut single “Sunny Side Up” after the break.