Sunkissed – [Shai Nowell] ft. [Nai Br.XX]

At least in my opinion, “timeless” music is that which is able to capture a specific feeling or moment in time. Naturally, our mind attaches a certain emotion and/or memory to songs or albums of “timeless” classification, and the result is an undying attachment to a given piece of art, regardless of when or where we hear it in life, whether that be two weeks from now or twenty years down the line. Here with a new release that I’m quickly beginning to see as timeless is Shai Nowell and his latest offering, “Sunkissed,” featuring Nai Br.XX.

The reason that I’m so quick to pull the trigger on calling this one “timeless” is because of the intense feeling that “Sunkissed” is able to capture. Even after my first full run through the video, I not only found the song stuck in my head, but I also found myself hooked onto every second of the sun-soaked visuals, as they illustrate a feeling of pure bliss in the midst of the endless responsibilities and duties that we incur as we grow older. I, myself, am definitely a culprit when it comes to getting too involved with work to make time for life, but with “Sunkissed” as a guiding light, I’m reminded that my own happiness comes first, and it always will. So thanks for that, “Sunkissed.”

Needless to say, partially thanks to the refreshing energy that radiates from the song and partially thanks to the strong-hearted soul of the music video, “Sunkissed” is the kind of release that helps you get through the stress of everyday life. It’s the kind of release that helps you focus on the good amongst all the bad, and furthermore, it’s the kind of release that I know I’ll be revisiting many times to come in the future.

On his own, Shai Nowell is a wonderful artist that you can’t help but root for, but once matched with the heartwarming vocals of none other than Nai Br.XX, “Sunkissed” is brought to the next level, where I’m sure all of our readers can find something to love about the song, video, or both. As you probably see, I’m super excited to be sharing this one with our readers, so be sure to show some love and peep “Sunkissed” below! All things considered, this one might just end up as one of my most-played songs this summer!

Song Written and Produced by Shai Nowell
Video Directed by Jackson Laurie and Patrick